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From Styria out into the world

From Styria out into the world

Beer was already being brewed in Styria in 1160, which was the date of the first licence to serve beer in the region.  The fee charged by the diocese of Freising for this licence took the form of oats.  Originally, beer was produced by Styria’s monasteries, but the real boom in brewing in the federal state known as the Green March came with industrialization during the 19th century.  Heavy industry became important during the reign of Archduke Johann, and its workers needed to be supplied with beer.  It was no accident that the big Styrian breweries also took on an industrial scale at roughly that time.

Nor was it an accident that a number of Styrian beer brands gained national and even international prominence as industrialization took place.  Companies worked hard to establish their beers among the monarchy’s leading beverages, and that has remained the case until now, in the era of the present Second Republic.  The toast to the Second Republic’s State Treaty in 1955 was drunk in Styrian beer.  Styrian beer subsequently became well known along the country’s railway routes and deep into neighbouring states.

“Styrian” is a familiar term among beer lovers

Another contributor was the fact that Styria started growing its own hops in the 19th century.  “Styrian Goldings” hops became known around the world, and beer brewed in Styria still profits from their reputation today. 

Now, there are in fact over 40 breweries of every size in Styria.  Even small new breweries have been able to develop an impressive international reputation for themselves and the state with their beers and are exporting them.


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